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Pohorje Eco Nature Online Guided Tours Hiking, Tracking & Photo Hunting

Vaše cena: €139.99

Escape stress, noise, crowd and massive tourism with individual and professional guiding and discover magnificent hidden natural treasures of  Pohorje. From exceptional geology, lush and rare flora, fascinating wildlife, endless streams and creeks, waterfalls, lakes, rich and pristine primeval forest, natural mountain forests, plains, pristine high peat bogs/mires, to ecological problems.

Realize why is it so important to understand, respect, conserve and protect nature and wild animals, and how you can contribute your share. Services and special offers given bellow, are available through whole year in wild and remote regions of  Pohorje, between Areh and Kope, are true ecological and really sustainable alternative to: massive "instant" tourism, ski tourism, motorcycle, quad/ATV, snow mobile rides in natural environment and hunting tourism.

We give part of income of Pohorje eco nature guided tours, tracking and photo hunting™ for nonprofit environmental protection and conservation projects.

Lovrenška jezera/ From Lovrenska jezera and bear/Lovrenška jezera in medved

Pohorje Eco Nature Guided Hiking Tours™

During more then twenty different hiking tours, which are available through whole year, your guide will explain and show you:

  • basics of exceptional geological characteristic of Pohorje, it's only silicate mountain chain of magmatic and metamorphic origin in Slovenia, with interesting rock formations (Božje štenge, Reber, Ravbarske peči, Jelenja reber, Sekretarjev vrh...)
  • beautiful natural beauties: rich pristine primeval forest Šumik, natural mountain forests, clearings and grass plains...
  • pristine 6000-8000 years old high high peat bogs/mires (Lovrenško barje, Ribniško barje, Dedičev vrh...)
  • endless streams and creeks (Lobnica, Piklerica, Radoljna, Črnava...), waterfalls (Mali in Veliki Šumik, Verne), lakes (Lovrenška jezera, Črno jezero, Ribniško jezero, Jezerc)
  • mountain peaks (Sekretarjev, Tolsti, Klopni, Hmelakovo, Plešič, Dedičev, Žigertov, Črni...)
  • lush and rare flora: mixed spruce, beech and fir forests. In primary forest Šumik: primeval stand of beech, fir, hornbeam, oak, spruce and chestnut trees; botanical particularities are nenavadni kamnokreč/Saxifraga paradoxa, rjasti sleč/Rhododendron ferrugineum, alpski srobot/Clematis alpina. On Lovrenško barje: okroglolistna rosika/Drosera rotundifolia, dlakava mahovnica/Oxycoccus palustris, rjasti sleč/Rhododendron ferrugineum, navadna rožmarink/ Andromeda polifolia. On Pohorje plains we find: volkovje/Nardetum (grass Nardus, indicator of acidic soil), arnika/Arnica montana (protected, blooming June and July), brkata zvončnica/Campanula barbata, oranžna škržolica/Hieracium aurantiacum, orchids, svišč/Gentiana and navadni kukavičnik/Gymnadenia conopsea. On steep slopes we find also: jesensko vreso/Calluna vulgaris, brusnice/Vaccinium vitis-idaea, borovnice/Vaccinium myrtillus, brkato zvončnico/Campanula barbata and islandski lišaj/Cetraria islandica.
  • fascinating animals: game (Red Deer, Chamois, Fallow Deer, Roe Deer, Wild Boar, Capercaillie, Black Grouse, Rabbit and Mountain Hare, Fox, Marten, Badger...), around 90 birds species, small mammals, insectivores and rodents, fish, reptiles and amphibians, insects (ants and ant heaps, dragonflies, beetles, incredible 700 butterflies species...)
  • ecological problems, damage, climate change influences, human influences on Pohorje. And he'll consult you what you can do to help. Discover why is so important to understand, respect, protect and conserve nature and wildlife.

Almost all tours are circular, we start hiking at car parking on the forest road, where we return at the end of the hiking tour, without going the same trail twice.

Božje štenge/ From God's stairs/ Božje štenge

Pohorje Eco Wild Animals Tracking Guided Hiking Tours™

Your guide will teach you, among more than twenty hiking tours, how to read tracks and scat from wild animals on Pohorje. He will explain to you how to track and find wild animals/game, educate you about  their behavior and habits. He will tell about his experiences from close encounters with wild animals, what problems they face because of climate change and human influence, and what you can do to help. Tours are available through whole year, but best conditions are during the winter on snow.

Usually available is tracking of following wild animals species: Red Deer, Chamois, Fallow Deer, Roe Deer, Wild Boar, Capercaillie, Black Grouse, Fox, Rabbit, Mountain Hare, Mouse... Of course we can arrange tracking and search of any other resident wild animal on Pohorje.

Please note, we do our best for you to search, track and find wild animals given above, but this are wild animals freely moving in their natural environment, which are hunted by men and fear us, so we can't guarantee we'll meet and observe them on first try.

Capercaillie and Fox tracks/ From Wild Animal Tracks-Sledi divjih živali

Pohorje Eco Guided Photo Hunting of Wild Animals™

Your guide will take you to the special hidden places or tours, which are available through whole year, where you can observe and photograph/record wild animals/game in their natural environment and during their natural behavior, for instance during feeding, resting and mating rituals. He will explain you everything he knows about them, their behavior and habits. He will tell about his experiences from close encounters with wild animals, what problems they face because of climate change and human influence, and what you can do to help.

Available is photo hunting of following species:

  • game: Red Deer, Chamois, Fallow Deer, Roe Deer, Wild Boar, Capercaillie, Black Grouse, Fox, Rabbit, Mountain Hare, Marten and Badger...
  • small mammals, insectivores and rodents: squirrel, most characteristic representatives edible dormouse and mountain/alpine shrew, most frequent inhabitant Yellow-necked Mouse/Apodemus flavicollis. At waters are frequent Water shrew/Neomys fodiens and Southern/Mediterranean water shrew/Neomys anomalus.
  • around 90 birds species: between other Common Buzzard, Goshawk, Sparrowhawk and Common Raven. Particularly characteristic nesting birds on Pohorje are Capercaillie, Black Grouse, Pygmy Owl, Black Woodpecker, Three-toed Woodpecker and Willow Warbler. In mostly deciduous and mixed forests nest Honey Buzzard, Stock Pigeon and Wood Pigeon, Turtle Dove, Grey and Green Woodpecker, Blue Tit, Hazel Grouse and Marsh Tit. Higher in coniferous forests, live Capercaillie, Pygmy Owl, also Willow and Crested Tit, Siskin and Bullfinch. Where coniferous forests go over to plains and dwarf pine, Black Grouse, Dunnock, Lesser Whitethroat and Willow Warbler nests. Little Grebe, Grey Wagtail and Dipper lives next to streams, pools and. On Lovrenška jezera are present Spotted and Wood Sandpiper.
  • reptiles and amphibians: Fire Salamander, Alpine Newt, Viviparous Lizard, Grass snake, Aesculapian Snake/Elaphe longissima, Horned Viper and Common Viper, frogs...
  • insects (ants and their ant heaps are all over Pohorje, dragonflies, beetles (Giant Ground Beetle/Carabus (Procerus) gigas, only location in Slovenia; rare Rosalia longicorn/Rosalia Aplina)... Incredible 700 butterflies species: Giant Peacock Moth largest is the largest European Moth; only location of Cranberry Blue/Vacciniina optilete in Slovenia...
  • Arthropods: Stone Crayfish/Austropotamobius torrentium
  • Gastropods: Slug, Mussels in waters and lakes
  • fish: Grayling, Brown Trout, Common Nase …

Of course we can arrange photo hunting of any wild animal which lives on Pohorje.

Photo hunting usually takes place in the morning, afternoon or in the evening, where is maximal possibility of observing them, from more then twenty erected platforms or special places, where're animals are usually present, feeding, resting or performing their mating rituals. In certain circumstances and on certain locations is photo hunting possible also during the day.  

Please note, we do our best for you to find and observe, photograph wild animals, but this are wild animals in their natural environment freely moving, most of them are hunted by men and because of this fear us, so we can't guarantee we'll meet and observe them on first try.

Proof of return of Brown bear back to Pohorje/ From Bear and horrible logging damage/Medved in grozna škoda zaradi gozdarjenja


  • experience enchanted winter fairy tale with Pohorje winter guided hiking tours with snowshoes™, availiable day or night, romantic with headlamp and under the stars (from November to April)
  • fighting of Red Deer, mating ritual and mating of Red Deer (September to mid October)
  • fighting of Chamois, mating ritual and mating of Chamois and (November and December)
  • fighting of Fallow Deer, mating ritual and mating of Fallow Deer (October and November)
  • fighting of Roe Deer, mating ritual and mating of Roe Deer (second half of July to first half of August)
  • fighting of Wild Boar, mating ritual and mating of Wild Boar (October to December)
  • fighting of Capercaillies, mating ritual of Capercaillie and mating (March to May)
  • fighting of Black Grouse, mating ritual of Black Grouse and mating (April to June)
  • search and tracking of Brown Bear on Pohorje. It looks Brown Bear returned to Pohorje, your guide Primoz Vallant was first to see and prove it with photos, until now we have proof of one female and one younger male which are present on Pohorje. Be one of the few lucky ones to see and photo Brown Bear with help from your guide. Available whole year, except winter, but if the temperatures are not too low and bear is wondering around it's possible in the winter too.
  • Bear tracks on Pohorje/From Wild Animal Tracks-Sledi divjih živali

  • search and tracking of Lynx on Pohorje (available through whole year). Looks like Lynx returned to Pohorje, Primoz Vallant personally found and photographed his tracks (check the photo below), but until now we don't have a actual photo or video of Lynx on Pohorje. Be the first to see, photograph and prove it's existence on Pohorje with help from your gude.
  • First photo of Lynx track on Pohorje and proof of his return/ From Wild Animal Tracks-Sledi divjih živali
  • search and tracking of Otter on Pohorje (available through whole year). Apparently Otter returned to Pohorje, but until now we don't have a real proof. Be the first to see, photograph and prove it.
  • basic seminar (2-3 hours) on digital photography/recording videos, landscape, wildlife and macro photography/recording videos with Canon PowerShot A720 IS provided during hiking tour on Pohorje (available through whole year).
  • rent a digital camera Canon PowerShot A720 IS for 15€/day for use during Pohorje Guided tours™ and Photo hunting™. We're working on providing other digital cameras, camcorders, GPSs and possibility of renting them.

Your Nature Interpreter

Primoz Vallant, founder and owner of is experienced nature and wildlife explorer, nature interpreter, amateur photographer and videographer, nature and conservation activist, wildlife protector, volunteer nature supervisor, vegetarian, reserve infantry officer and war veteran. Since childhood continuously in connection with nature and exploring it, since 1992 he's regularly exploring and hiking on mountain Pohorje every Saturday and Sunday regardless of weather or season. Documenting natural beauties, ecological problems and damage, infringes, actively involved in protecting, conserving Pohorje, Slovenia's nature and wildlife and creating Natural park Pohorje. His photos, videos, blog, press clips and petition.

Prices and Rebates

Price includes individual and professional guiding, transportation from the Maribor Pohorje and back, and does not include drinks, food and accommodation. Price is given for one person, for multiple participants select price for more than one person with discount for  the number of participants and number of days, and then this price multiply by the number of participants. The length of tours is usually between 4 and 5 hours, depending on the wishes of guests, length of tours does not affect the price. The minimum number is one participant, maximum is six. Other options are possible under a special agreement. The prices are without VAT, until we reach the limit of VAT taxation, since we are not yet taxable.

  with rebate -30% for 4 to 6 persons, without VAT/with VAT with rebate -25% for 3 persons, without VAT/with VAT with rebate -20% for 2 persons, without VAT/with VAT 1 person, without VAT/with VAT
Price per 1 person for 1 day 139,99 €   149,99 €   159,99 €   199,99 €  
Price per 1 person for 2 days 279,99 €   299,99 €   319,98 €   399,98 €  
Price per 1 person for 3 days 419,98 €   449,98 €   479,98 €   599,97 €  
Price per 1 person for 1 week with 5% rebate for 1 week 864,46 €   930,95 €   997,45 €   1.329,93 €  
Price per 1 person for 2 weeks with 10% rebate for 2 weeks 1.511,92 €   1.637,92 €   1.763,91 €   2.519,87 €  
Price per 1 person for 3 weeks with 15% rebate for 3 weeks 1.963,40 €   2.141,89 €   2.320,38 €   3.569,82 €  

Additional discounts:

  • 5% additional rebate for paying in cash.
  • Discount for children: to 6 years = free of charge (you must provide child car seat and carry the child yourself), 6 to 12 years = 50%.
  • When ordering more than one week is the transport Ljubljana-Maribor-Ljubljana or Graz-Maribor-Graz free of charge.
  • When ordering less than one week, is the price of transport 0,37€/km, we calculate for transport in one direction multiplied by 2/ 2 directions multiplied by 4:
    Ljubljana-Maribor = 122*2*0,37€ = 90,28€ / Ljubljana-Maribor-Ljubljana =  122*4*0,37€ = 180,56€
    Graz-Maribor = 68*2*0,37€ = 50,32€ / Graz-Maribor-Graz = 68*4*0,37€ = 100,64€
  • We can give special price for regular clients, according to special agreement.
  • 15% rebate for touristic agencies, operators and organizations who provide constant flow of customers, according to written agreement.

Contact and More Info

We're here for you, we'll take all the time is needed to help you and find appropriate solution for your needs. 


Tour must be ordered and payed at least 24 hours before the tour start! Cancellations must be made in writing at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise the whole price of the guided tour will be charged! Sometimes we have free slots, call us and if we're free, we can take you on tour immediately. Prior to the payment is mandatory to call us to agree to dates, number of persons, duration and location of tours, price and payment method. Booking can be made through the above phone or email.


Available are the following types of payments:

Payment by cash

Payment in cash shall be made at least 24 hours before the tour or in exceptional cases where we have a free date immediately prior to direct tours. We arange to meet, where you pay by cash.

Payment by bank transfer or Western Union

  • In Slovenia, the payment shall be made through any bank account in IBAN SI 56 0412 6021 3690 XXX. The last three figures available by phone or email.
  • The foreign payment shall be made through banks at the expense of SWIFT (BIC) KBMASI2X SI IBAN 56 0412 6021 3690 XXX. The last three figures available by phone or email.
  • The rest of the world for the payment through Western Union transfer the founds to Primož Vallant, Maribor, Slovenia.

Online payment via PayPal

PayPal option is not available at the moment because we're boycotting PayPal because it froze WikiLeaks accounts.

Online credit card payment via ShareIt!

Links to online ordering and payment over the renowned agent and secure online payment provider ShareIt! is below under this paragraph. Links will lead you to the ShareIt! Where you will complete your payment. Just select your option and click on the ShareIt! enter the number (ie the number of days multiplied by number of persons), click Update if everything is OK and you're done, enter the required information and payment by credit card. Click Next to continue and complete the payment.

Select your option, depending on the number of days and participants in the group and click on it to pay for services via ShareIt!:

  • Payment one day
  • Payment for two days
  • Payment for three days
  • Payment for one week
  • Payment for two weeks

Usual meeting point

Normal meeting, where we'll pick you up for the tour (if necessary, we can arrange for another location):

Tourist Information Center Maribor,
Partizanska 6a (by the Franciscan church, click to see location on map)

For Who is this Service?

Suitable for anyone, young and old, also children and physically challenged, except where it's counter-indicated, or needs to be adapted, for a series of conditions including: heart problems such as myocardial infarction, diabetes, glaucoma, psychotic conditions such as schizophrenia, alcohol or drug abuse, epilepsy, etc... If you have any of mentioned diagnoses or conditions you must consult your doctor/physician before using this service and inform us so we can adapt service to your medical condition.

Number of guests

Guided tours and tracking in nature are available for at least one person and a maximum of four persons, in the case of rent a car truck up to six persons. Photo hunting is available for at one person and maximally two persons, if in hunting observatory (if the quality and stability of the observatory allows one further person, a total of three). In the case where the photo hunting is provided as tour or on a special hidden locations, it's available for minimally one person and maximally four oz. six, if using rent a car van.


Almost all hiking tours are easy and suitable for anyone in normal condition and fitness. With proper hiking equipment he/she will be able to hike it. Some tours like tour to primeval forest Šumik are more difficult over very rugged terrain, but nevertheless suited for those without mounting climbing experience and stronger fitness. Your guide we'll discuss with you your desires, experiences, fitness and will pick suitable tour.


Transport of up to four (or sixpersons if using rent a car wan) plus nature interpreter/driver from Maribor or other nearby starting points to Pohorje and back. Transport vehicle is Renault Clio II 1,2 16V Dynamique, if using rent a car Opel Vivaro 8+1 Diesel A/C or similar. We're working hard to find a solution or investor to purchase off road vehicle with 5 or 7 seats.


Your guide speaks fluently English, German, French, Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian. Tours are available in any of those languages.


Tours take place every day except Monday, all year around, regardless of weather, season or height of snow. Only during thunder storms with lightning strikes tours are postponed or rescheduled.


Guided tours take place on remote and wild forests of Pohorje mountain, Slovenia in region between Areh and Kope. Tour takes place between hight of 800m and 1500m.


Transport in one direction takes usually about 30 to 45 minutes and is 30 to 60km long, so transport in both directions takes minimally 1 to 1,5 hour. Starting point is Maribor. Usual duration of guided hiking tour in nature, tracking and photo hunting of wild animals is three to four hours, approximately 10 to 15km. So whole tour, including transport, usually takes four to five hours, if wished it can be longer.

Recommended Equipment, Shopping and Renting

Recommended are high waterproof hiking or mountain climbing shoes and gaiters, waterproof hiking pants and jacket. In case you don't have waterproof clothes bring an umbrella with you. In autumn, winter and spring gloves and cap are necessary.

Note that temperatures on Pohorje are almost always 5 to 10°C lover then in the valley/Maribor, often it's wet and windy, so dress accordingly. Don't forget that in mountains temperatures can drop quickly and weather can change quickly. We also recommend to bring spare socks and underwear so you can change if they get wet. In the winter you need snow shoes for tours over deep snow.

All our guests are eligible for 10% rebate for shopping and renting of hiking/mountaineering equipment and clothes at Iglu Šport, the best such store in Maribor Slovenia. We'll personally and professionally advice you at choosing most suitable equipment/clothes and take care you get your 10% rebate. For example you can rent snowshoes for about 6,291€ for 1 to 3 days. You can rent only flowing equipment: crampons, ice ax, helmet, belt, child belt, snowshoes, touring skies + skins.

Local Culinary and Wines

If you wish after the tour we can take you to local tourist farms where you can experience local Pohorje hospitality, excellent foods and wines (not included in the price).


Of course we can organize accommodation for you, from basic forest/mountain/hunting hut right on Pohorje mountain, to luxury 5 star hotel with wellness. We can proved whole package for your stay, just contact us.

Safety, Insurance and Liability

Your safety is our main priority, your nature interpreter always does everything possible for you to enjoy safely and relaxed. All tours are carefully planned and professionally carried out. The possibility of accidents is always present in nature. Tours are conducted in an unpredictable nature and in contact with wild animals that can not always be controlled. Your nature interpreter is an experienced and trained to deal with such situations, he will give you instructions how to act and behave. In the event of an attack of wild animals, which is almost impossible, you will secure, equipped with a pepper, which drives the animal away. Note that on Pohorje wild animals are being hunted by man and almost always flee when they encounter people. Usually the problem is how to get close enough to animals without them running away rather then animals coming close to us and attacking us. The car used to transport, is regularly serviced and in top-class condition, equipped with four ABS and air bags, in winter it's equipped with winter tires and chains.

Although we do everything possible for you to be maximally protected and safe, the chance of injuries or accidents can not be completely ruled out. We do not assume any responsibility for the arbitrary conduct, clumsiness or force majeure. All guests must have accident insurance coverage for activities in the mountains. Those who do not have it, can get through us for extra charge. We have a special arrangement with the insurance company for our guests at affordable prices.

Impact on Nature and Wildlife

Pohorje eco nature guided tours, tracking and photo hunting™ is a truly ecological and sustainable eco-tourism and real alternative to massive "instant" tourism, ski tourism, motorcycle, quad, snowmobile and hunting tourism. The essence of Pohorje eco nature guided tours, tracking and photo hunting™ is to bring you closer to nature and wildlife, to understand, respect and appreciate it, to realize need for their protection and conservation, and to contribute your part to this. All tours are carefully planned and provided in ecological and sustainable way, according with the laws, guidances and best professional practices with no or minimal impact on nature and wildlife. This service is exclusive, individual, professional and for a limited number of people (maximally six plus guide), and will always remain such and will never grow into a mass tourism!

Primoz Vallant and are actively involved in protecting and conserving Pohorje, Slovenia's nature and wildlife. When we'll cover our start up costs, we'll give expected 5% of income of Pohorje eco nature guided tours, tracking and photo hunting™ for nonprofit environmental protecting and conserving nonprofit projects listed below in next topic. Beside that your guide is volunteer nature supervisor, reporting and documenting any environmental damage, problems we encounter on Pohorje and after he finishes his volunteer nature supervisor education and receives his license he'll also penalize anyone who breaks environmental/ecological laws.

For transport we're using small car with minimal consumption and CO2 emissions Renault Clio II 1,2 16V (5,9 l/100km, 139 g/km CO2) or rent a car van Opel Vivaro 8+1 Diesel or similar (7,9 l/100km, 214 g/km CO2).

Nonprofit Environmental and Conservation Projects of Nature and Wildlife

We give part of income of Pohorje eco nature guided tours, tracking and photo hunting™ for nonprofit environmental protecting and conserving nonprofit projects listed below:

  • supervised truly ecological and sustainable forestry and forest management
  • supervised farming and forestry on the same areas. Which means that food and trees are grown at the same time on the same field.

To pay via PayPal select the option with the number of days and quantities discount and enter the number of participants!