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by Primož Vallant last modified 18-05-2010 04:18 user groups, their work spaces and tools

Welcome to community!

This is a world stock exchange of experiences, knowledge, know how, ideas, innovations, models, projects, services and products with similar ecological, sustainable & socially responsible interests or goals. Network that will bring together individuals or groups, activity, project, businesses, start-ups, self-employed, entrepreneurs, business men, innovators, inventors, engineers, research institutions, government or non government organization, financiers and investors .

Active services and tools

User Groups
Clients, Sponsors, Investors, Partners and their work spaces.
Blog's WildLifeCast Blog. Express your thoughts, opinions and comments...
Facebook's Facebook space Express your thoughts, opinions and comments...
Facebook group's Protect endengared Slovenian nature and wildlife Facebook group Express your thoughts, opinions and comments...
Twitter's Twitter space Express your thoughts, opinions and comments...
LinkedIn's LinkedIn space Express your thoughts, opinions and comments...
Space where presents its non profitable and profitable projects. 
Free Barter/Swapping

Swap/trade your goods, services or products for a certain amount of other goods or services offered or needed at (specially for nonprofit ecological and conservation projects); usually no money is involved in the transaction. However in certain occasions money can be involved to meet the exchange value. Barter can be bilateral or multilateral as trade.

Video &Audio's WildLifeCast. Audio and video podcasts. Web has never been easier, relax, just click, listen, watch and learn for free.
RSS2 subscription feed for almost all folderish objects in
News about community, projects, services...
Events about community, projects, services...
About community, projects, services... 
About community, projects, services...
Frequently Asked Questions, How-tos, Tutorials, Manuals, Instructional Videos, Articles, Links, Error References, Glossary. Everything in one central place, organized in sections.