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Innovative Consulting of Improving & Optimizing

Vaše cena: €99.00

Consulting covers issues like innovative improvement and optimization of design, products, services, processes, actions, sales, business ideas, inventions, human resources, costs, reduction of energy consumption, choosing right energy source, market and customer research and feedback, customer service, competition...

We're specialized in online and offline improvement/optimization and consulting. We have experience and know how to solve your problems.

We've produced many projects, business, marketing and innovations plans, business ideas, innovations, product and service improvements/otpimizations and problem solutions. Click here for a list of our innovative projects, which are available for license purchase or investments.

Consulting Scope in Improvement/optimization

  • design
  • products, services, processes and sales
  • business ideas
  • innovations
  • human resources
  • cost control and reduction
  • reduction of energy consumption
  • choosing energy source
  • ecology
  • marketing, advertising, PR, market and customer research and feedback
  • customer service
  • competition
  • quality control, quality assurance and quality management
  • risk evaluation and management
  • e-business and web interface
  • problem solving
  • business, marketing, finance, innovation planning

If you would like something else let us know, probably we can help.


According to Sale Terms and Conditions or personally arranged time plan. From the first day of order all work, questioners, documentation... is created in your member folder, where you can see it's progress and collaborate with us. Upon completion and payment ownership of the documentation transfers to you. Of course in case of advance payment ownership of all documents is transferred to you immediately.