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by Primož Vallant last modified 15-05-2014 09:09

Information about, it's founder Primož Vallant, policy, goal, target market, short history, past experience, knowledge & know how, past clients, and future.

What is is a non-profit, independent, private Vallant Foundation and innovative web portal which uses newest technologies and tools (only Open Source). To provide non-profitable socially, legally, transparently, ecologically, sustainably beneficial actions, services, projects, consulting, lectures, innovations... To improve, grow, develop and protect our society, jobs, activities, services, products, environments and planet.

Our policy

Is to offer high tech, quality, free and low cost non-profit services, projects, products and innovations always incorporating ecological, sustainable, legal, transparent, social and non-profit benefit. We try to fulfill all clients demands and expectations, adjust to their financial capabilities and establish a long term cooperation.

Our goal

Is to provide non-profitable alternative in every service, product and market sector to profit corporate sector driven by human greed which is destroying our society, legal system, jobs, nature and planet and take them out of their deadly business. Only responsible non-profit alternative can provide ecological, sustainable, legal, transparent, socially beneficial and responsible positive change for good and implications on global scale.

What is our target market?

Any individual or group, business, profit or nonprofit organization, government or non government organization, from start-up to established, small to big, low to high-tech, local to global. Which understands and needs legal, socially responsible, transparent, ecological and sustainable approach and solutions.

Founder & Owner

Founder, owner and representative of is Primož Vallant. Read his biography if you would like to know more about him.

Short history


Start up as service agency and consultant in quality control, quality assurance and quality management.


Activities extended to software retailing. We become one of the first official Microsoft dealers in Slovenia.


extended activities to marketing, advertising and selling hardware. Major marketing client big importer and wholesaler of cat food.


Offer transferred to Internet, web pages become main interface to our customers.


Domain change from to (because Slovenian legislation didn't allow personal ownership of .si domains) and our main activities were Innovative Consulting Services listed here.


Start of our public ecological and conservation actions, activities and projects, reported in many media publications.


Domain change. Additional to we bought our previous domain which is now our main domain. will remain active but will redirect to, same as emails. Change from partly profit and non-profit organization to exclusively non-profit organization. Many non-profit actions, services and projects, Slovenian WikiLeaks Start of Pohorje non-profit Eco guided tours, track reading, tracking and photo hunting.

Past experience

Mechanical engineering/technology since 1982

Technology application, execution, improvement and optimization in fields of manufacturing and servicing products, process equipment, motors, propulsion, transport, car, motorbike, naval and airspace industry. Emphasis on improving economy, efficiency, sustainable and ecological aspects. Metrology and measuring.

Information technology since 1989

Retailing, use, support, education, consulting, installation, configuration and administration of: all Microsoft operation systems; office applications, work group and remote work/tele-work; Audio & Video over IP; applications; development tools, Internet (web an mail servers, HTML, CGI Perl scripts, PHP, Python, ASP, online retailing, e-business), all most important Open Source software, UNIX, Linux, Ubuntu, application server Zope, Content Management System Plone, Data Bases; major applications, tools and utilities from leading manufacturers; hardware (PCs, networking, office laser and ink-jet printers and flatbed scanners).

Consulting & management since 1991

  • agency services, products and processes
  • Information technology
  • Quality control, assurance, management
  • Marketing & advertising
  • Business planning

Marketing & advertising since 1995

Organization and production of small and big advertising campaigns; from idea, creativity, marketing plan, market research, ads production, ads testing, to realization, surveillance of realization of campaigns and final campaign analysis in TV, radio, newspaper, billboard, city-light, Internet and other media.

Quality control, assurance, management since 1989

Use, application, consulting, education, support, maintaining, constant improving, planning, implementing, administration, management, and auditing of Quality Control, Quality Assurance Systems and Total Quality Management (TQM). Written complete QAS documentation: manuals, system procedures and other quality documents (work instructions and quality records) in accordance with: ISO 9000, 9001-9004, 10011 and 10012; and questioner for auditing QAS in accordance with: ISO 9000, 9001-9004, 10011, 10012 and 45001, etc. All together more than 15 centimeters of printed A4 pages (stapled one on another).

Business planning since 1991

Business/e-business planning, marketing planning, innovation & inventions planning, web strategies...

Knowledge & know how

Innovative Consulting, Management, Services & Products in: Information technology, Podcast Shows & Blogs, Innovative Improving & Optimizing, Innovation & Invention, Economy, Efficiency, Sustainability, Ecology & Environment, Constant Improvement, User Friendliness & Satisfaction, Motivation, Risks, Quality, Reliability & Dependability, Prices, Cost Reduction & Management, Public Relations, Image, Marketing & Advertising, Security & Privacy, Internet Research, Independent Selection, Innovative Problem Solving, eCampaigns, Projects, Innovations, Inventions & Ideas for Investors, Innovative Planning, Fitness & Relaxation.

Past Clients

University of Maribor: Faculty of electrical engineering and computer science, Faculty of civil engineering, Faculty of chemistry and chemical engineering, Faculty of business and economics; CZP Vecer d.d. Maribor, Geoing d.o.o. Maribor, STTC Maribor, TAM Inzeniring vzdrzevanje Maribor, Horizont d.o.o. Maribor, Mercator-Modna Hisa Maribor, McDonald's Slovenia-Maribor, Gorenje Servis Velenje, Zavarovalnica Triglav Maribor, Prehrana Maribor, Keor Maribor.


We constantly extend, improve, optimize our offer and work on new services, products and projects. So please check often to see what's new.

Contact Us

Don't hesitate to contact us, we're here for you, we'll take all the time is needed to help you and find appropriate solution for your needs. You can contact us using contacts addresses and options or Feedback form.