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Why choose Primož Vallant

by Primož Vallant last modified 15-05-2014 08:51

Why should you choose and use Primož Vallant's work, articles, ebooks, lectures and consulting services?


Our specialty is innovative nonprofit forward looking thinking and solutions, away from mainstream, many times directly through the wall, but always creating best solutions using and adapting new hi-tech technologies, new market niches, creating new unorthodox creative innovations and inventions (more than twenty of them already). We never stop improving and optimizing, reducing costs, considering economy, energy saving, ecology, conservation, environment, social benefit, justice, responsibility & solidarity, free speech, legal aspect, transparency, user friendliness and easy use. 

Social benefit, justice, responsibility & solidarity

In everything we do, we always truly take care of social and legal, environmental benefit and responsibility, transparency, justice and solidarity. Here are our nonprofit free speech, legal, social, transparency ecological and conservation actions, services and projects.

Environment and Ecology

It's not enough to plan and provide services that have minimal impact on society, environment and ecology of our planet. Time has come to give back what we're taking for granted. Primož Vallant is here and now doing just that, large part of our income, time and energy goes to our nonprofit free speech, legal, social, transparency ecological and conservation actions, services and projects, that are not only environmentally/ ecologically friendly but truly sustainable and environmentally/ ecologically beneficial.


Your safety is our main priority. All services and projects are carefully planned and professionally provided always considering your maximum safety. Already in planing stage all possible safety threats and holes are considered. During action, service and project implementation we regularly screen for possible safety threats and changes, and immediately take corrective action to avoid new threats and improve safety, so in future such threats don't repeat.


Quality is base of our being. Best possible quality is only good enough for our customers. You deserve only maximal possible quality, which is always well over the usual industry norm.


Primož Vallant is serious partner, which is making business since 1991. In all our work we strive to perfection. All services are carefully planned and professionally provided. In all that time we never failed to fulfill our obligations, contracts or to satisfy our customers. We're sure we can satisfy you too.


Take your time, compare words, facts and actions. You'll see who stands behind what and correlation between what they're saying and doing, between profit oriented business that ruin our society, nature and planet and our non-profit alternative.


Innovative hi-tech approach with social, environmental and ecological responsibility, professionally provided in quality better than competition usually has very high price. But not with us, many of our actions, services and projects are free, financed by personal donations. Payable nonprofit servics and projects remain at same level or lover that our competition, but with incomparable content and quality, so in fact you get projects and services cheaper then at our competitors. And don't forget doing business with us help support our free nonprofit free speech, legal, social, transparency ecological and conservation actions, services and projects.

About Primož Vallant

If you would like to know more about us go to About Primož Vallant and Press Room.

Contact Us

Don't hesitate to contact us, we're here for you, we'll take all the time is needed to help you and find appropriate non-profit solution for your needs. You can contact us using Primož Vallant contacts addresses and options or Feedback form.