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by Primož Vallant last modified 15-05-2014 07:08

Primož Vallant's support options and support contacts. offers variety of support options. Please read and search through documentation and links given below before contacting us directly, probably your request or problem was dealt before. This way you get solution faster and save us time to focus on unsolved requests and problems. Please help us, to help you effectively.


Documentation includes FAQ, How-tos, Tutorials, Manuals, Error Reference, Links, Glossary Entries...

Free Support

Support for's payable and free services and products is free.

Support for payable services and products

Payable services and products have highest priority, don't hesitate to contact us using Instant Live support, we're here for you.

Support for free services and products

Support for free services and products is run on a volunteer basis, so be nice to the people you speak to and don't expect immediate response and solution, you'll get them ASAP, if solution of your problem is already available on our site you might not receiwe no answer at all. Please volunteer, join in the community, share and exchange your experiences and knowledge with community. Give back for receiving free services and products from and others. With helping others you help yourself! 

Support Form

You can submit a Support Request or Report a Problem online any time, anywhere using our Support form.

Support Contacts

Go to contact addresses.

Support working hours

Manned support is available during standard businesses hours. We're currently not manned on site 24/7, but on working days you can usually find someone here between 09:00 and 17:00 (GMT+01:00), often even later, please check our status button on top of every page.

Your request will be handled by's support with coverage hours and response time based on's support policy.